Posted by: Trudie Trewin | February 28, 2012

The Big Read

Some things in life are especially cool.

Reading is especially cool.

Queensland is especially cool. (Obviously, I don’t mean in the temperature sense!)

So it stands to reason that reading books set in Queensland is especially, especially cool!

The people at Book Links Qld have decided to celebrate the National Year of Reading by getting together a list of books for kids that are representative of Queensland. There are three lists of ten books, one for Picture Books, one for Younger Readers and one for Older Readers. You can have a look at the lists here.

And what I find coolest of all is the fact that one of my books, Camp Croc, is included on the list for Younger Readers!

Up until July 31st 2012, Book Links are running a competition where you get to vote for the book you like most in each category. And just by voting, you go in the running for a prize. You can vote online here, or print out the form and either post it, or drop it into your local library (while you’re there, why not borrow a book!).

So if you want to do something especially cool in the National Year of Reading, find a copy of these great Queensland books and get voting!

   (Of course, it would be wrong of me to try and influence you to vote for Camp Croc.………. but, well, this is what happened to a fish that voted for another book!)


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