My dot points

  • I grew up on a farm in South Australia. Our house was the only house I have ever seen that had at least two doors in every room – yep, even the loo. My brother and sister and I could play chasey without ever running into a dead-end. (But I don’t think my parents appreciated the brilliance of the design!)
  • In Grade one I was so good at headstands I got a part in the school play because I was the only one in the whole school who could balance for the entire scene. It was riveting, so I was asked to do it again the next year. I can still do a headstand, but these days no-one really wants me to.
  • I accidentally  moved to Cairns, North Queensland, in 1989. (I was actually trying to travel all around Australia, but my car broke down in Cairns. By the time it was fixed I had fallen in love with the place and couldn’t leave.)
  • Any temperature below 21 deg Celsius gets my teeth chattering  – another reason I love living in the tropics.
  • My family sometimes call me Darla (from Finding Nemo) because I am not good at keeping fish alive. But I have successfully looked after one husband, three boys, two beagles, one cat, one budgie and three thousand worms – all at the same time, and they are all doing fine. The fish just need to toughen up. ** Update** The worms are now dead – it seems if you can’t make a noise in this household, your chances aren’t good!
  • In my opinion, feeding broccoli or brussel sprouts to children is a form of child abuse.
  • I would rather run ten kilometres than wash one window.
  • ….but if I extrapolate that to my whole house, that would mean I’d rather run 1700 kilometres than wash all the windows in the house – and I don’t think that’s quite true!
  • When I was 11, a girl at school told me that I would never get a boyfriend because I had no calf muscles. Luckily for me I grew up during the only era in history when leg warmers were fashionable, so I was able to hide my grotesque calf-less legs and fool a few guys for a while.
  • I love Chuppa Chups, pistachio nuts and summer fruits.
  • I started writing in 2001, when I had three little boys at home and lots of spare time – huh? Well, what spare time there was had to be filled with either housework – or something else. Of course, something else won. I dabbled with writing and got hooked. It’s the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!
  • Other things I like to do instead of housework: reading, hiking, spending time with my boys, exercising (the harder you do it, the better it feels when you stop!), lazing by the pool, watching cricket tennis or footy, and telling my husband what needs doing in the garden.
  • Silliest thing I ever said – ‘Oh yes, the contractions really are quite strong – it’s just that I have a high pain threshold.’    Blind Freddy could see how that would turn out.  I think the nurses are still laughing.
  • I am blessed with the most amazing family and friends.

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