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Camp Croc
Walker Books
Lightning Strikes series
ISBN 978 1 921720 31 1

Camp Trip is legendary.

Daks is finally there after years of waiting.

But so are two wildlife smugglers.

Who should Daks and his mates be more afraid of?

The smugglers? Or the wildlife?

 Click here for more information of the book and here for teacher’s notes and classroom ideas.
Wibbly Wobbly Street
Scholastic Press
Illustrated by Cheryl Orsini
ISBN 978 174169 5618
***included in 2011 White Ravens catalogue***
***a 2011 CBCA notable book***

Wibbly Wobbly Street winds up and down, thin and out, right and left and everywhere inbetween. The people who live there think it’s wonderful, but Squareton’s town councillors don’t like it at all. Not one curvy bit. So who do they call?

They call the Street Straightener of course! But this is the wibbliest street he’s ever seen….

Click here for reviews and a pic from the launch.

 I’ve Lost My Kisses
Scholastic Press
Illustrated by Nick Bland
ISBN 978 1 86504 421 7
***2008 NAPPA honour book***

‘Matilda Rose loved to kiss. She kissed hello. She kissed goodbye. She kissed good morning and she kissed good night. But one day something went terribly, horribly wrong.’

Matilda’s poppa is coming for a visit and the first thing he always wants is a big kiss from Matilda – but she has lot her kisses! Matilda’s mother says they’ll be there when she needs them, but Matilda is not so sure. She sets out to find them, the only trouble is… what do kisses look like?

Click here for photos of Matilda Rose at the launch, reviews and a picture to colour in.

backyard battlesBackyard Battles
Aussie School Books
ISBN 978 1 921255 41 0

When the kids from Lavender Street play cricket, Gazza and Sarah are always  on opposite sides. Sarah is determined to clean-bowl Gazza. Gazza is determined to hit one of Sarah’s zingers for six. Can they learn to work together to win the cricket challenge of the season?


Macmillan Education Australia
ISBN 0 7329 9924 3

The back of an ambulance is a very safe place to be… you would think. But when Heather hides in her Aunty Jenny’s ambulance she discoverers that the opposite is true! What seemed like a good way to skip her dreaded class talk quickly becomes a nightmare trip. And the nightmare becomes reality when the ambulance ends up at the very place she was trying to avoid – her school – in front of her class! Now she is just seconds away from total humiliation…

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