Wibbly Wobbly Street

Some reviews….

“One of the delights of this book is the innovative way it plays with language….A multilayered, thoroughly entertaining picture book for a range of children (3-10) and appreciated by adults”   Reading Time August 2010

“… an enchanting satire which gently pokes fun at mindless conformity, and is an utter delight to read aloud to a very young audience.”  Magpies May 2010

“Wibbly Wobbly Street is a hilarious picture book about nonconformity and the fun of being different. It is also just a plain silly story of street-straightening and a celebration of language” Aussie Reviews

“The language is full of word play that will delight those with a quirky sense of humour, as well as packed with interesting vocabulary that tastes good in the mouth and sounds fantastic when read aloud.” NSWAGTC

“Likely to be a preschool readaloud hit with word-play and a lively chorus.” – Australian Bookseller & Publisher, March 2010

“With delightful phrases like “our wibble’s too strong” and words like wibble-ectomy and wobble-ocotmy kids young and old will be giggling along with this delightful book.” Chris Cheng’s New Kids Books in Oz Blog

And a picture of some twisting wibbly wobbly dancing at the launch:

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