Posted by: Trudie Trewin | April 7, 2011

Camp Croc

Look what arrived in the mail today – my advance copy of Camp Croc!

I love the croc on the cover.

And just to show I’m no wimp when it comes to crocs, I celebrated the arrival of my book by doing some croc-wrestling.

Walker Books suggested it would be nice to include an interesting photo on the Lightning Strikes web page when they add Camp Croc to it, so I stepped up to the challenge.  The nice people at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures let me come in and take on some of their most fearsome crocs.


Okay, so this one is actually made of fibreglass and not likely to do much damage – although it’s been raining a bit and I could have slipped off and sprained a wrist I suppose.




This one, however, is real.

Well, real but stuffed. His name is Charlie and was the original croc at Hartley’s. When I first arrived in Cairns he was was decidedly more active, sadly, he died in 2000.




This one, is both real AND breathing! He might only be one year old, but the muscles in his tail are already amazingly strong, and his jaws are capable of leaving a finger dangling by a thread.

Once I had subdued him though he was putty in my hands, and even let me kiss him. The Croc-whisperer, that’s what they call me now!



  1. Congratulations Trudie on making the White Raven list and a new book on May 1st.

    I’ll look forward to reading yet another Trudie Trewin book to the class!

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks Coral, it’s been a good week!

  2. Trudie,
    You are indeed a fearless author.
    What exactly did you do to the little croc??
    He does indeed look croc whispered.

    • Aaah, you want me to divulge my croc whisperer secrets? Never! Oh, okay… there is a little spot behind their eyes, it needs to be rubbed or stroked gently. WARNING – I have no idea if this works on big crocs, and no intention of finding out!! Try it at your own peril!

  3. You’re my hero!

    And I’m so glad you didn’t write about spiders. Can you imagine that??? #notetoself Never write about spiders! (Oops. I just did. Just know that you’ll never see a spider-wrangling pic with me in it!)

    These pics are excellento – and so is your exciting week. Congratulations on all the great news – including your Wibbly Wobbly White Raven.


    • Thanks Cat. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the spiders! I could never wrestle with a spider either – not fake, not stuffed, not baby. Not ever.
      I’ve got the shivers now!

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