Posted by: Trudie Trewin | January 25, 2011

Happy, happy day

I know I haven’t posted anything here for a while, but today is too momentous to let pass without comment….

This morning, our eldest son headed off for his first day at high school. But it’s not the passing from child to young adult that makes this such a happy day for us. And it’s not the fact that he looks so grown-up in his new uniform either (although he certainly does). And it’s not even the fact that he’s headed off to school full of excitement, with a heart full of hopes and plans for new experiences and expanded horizons.

Nope, what makes this such a happy, happy day for us is the knowledge that today he will finally, finally… eat the lunch I packed for him!!

You see, for the last eight years (prep through to year 7)  his lunch boxes have returned almost as full as I sent them off. Because there is only ONE sandwich that my son will eat… peanut butter. And our primary school has a strict ‘no nuts’ policy.

But there is no such rule at the high school – so now I can look forward to five years of empty lunch boxes – YAY!!!!

…Unless of course he comes home and tells me that peanut butter sandwiches aren’t ‘cool’ enough for high school…. what are the chances?


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