Posted by: Trudie Trewin | May 14, 2010

Cooking is not the same as writing…

Just because you had a plan, and you followed the plan, and you knew how it was supposed to end, doesn’t mean it will happen the way you want it to……

These were supposed to be little wibbly wobbly road biscuits for my launch on Sunday- and in my mind, they were going to look delightful. But they don’t look like little roads, do they? Somehow they ended up more like something a dog  might leave on the road.

I might take them along anyway, just for a laugh. After all the theme is Wibbly Wobbly!

But I think I’ll get a packet of Arnotts family biscuits to go with the tea and coffee instead of these!



  1. Hahahaha they look wonderful!

  2. You HAVE to take them Trudie. They’re wonderful! They look just like the bits of road in the book.


  3. Trudie, they are gorgeous, just like your book.

    I totally agree with Claire…you have to take them:-)

  4. No – take them – and make more! They’re perfect for the book – and its launch!

  5. Okay, you’ve all convinced me, I’ll head back to the kitchen tomorrow and make another batch!
    Maybe I could try and put some hills in the next batch…..

  6. They are perfect, Trudie. I just love their wibbly wobblyness. Have a great day tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you! Big congratulations on the launch.

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