Posted by: Trudie Trewin | May 12, 2010

The placing of books

My brother sent me a text in the week after I’ve Lost My Kisses was released – it said I’ve Lost My Kisses is at number 2 on my local Dymocks best seller shelf‘. Before I could close my gaping mouth, he sent a second text – ‘well, it is now!’

With shelf space at a premium, it’s hardly surprising that we writers occasionally try to manoeuvre our books into a more visible spot. But I read an article by a bookseller recently that said moving our books around could hinder sales if the bookseller can’t find them.  Apparently, it can be quite ineffective.

Dunno…. looks pretty effective to me!

Big thank you to Kirsten and Andrew at Smithfield Collins Booksellers!



  1. I wanna come! And not just for the snakes and twisties. Hope it’s a wobbly but not wonky day!

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