Posted by: Trudie Trewin | March 29, 2010

A reconciliation, of sorts

A very bad thing happened Monday two weeks ago. I realised that the plot of my mid-grade novel had become convoluted and unwieldy. In the morning I had a niggling worry, by lunchtime I was starting to sweat, and by the time the sun set it was declared a disaster zone.

Unfortunately, my brain didn’t react very maturely. It stomped and moaned and looked for excuses, then when it couldn’t find any, it dove headlong into the murky pond of self-doubt. And it wallowed there for nearly two weeks.  Refused to write a word. Why bother, it whined, it’ll just be drivel. (Note how I have deftly transferred the blame for this behaviour to my brain…  because of course I would never have been so immature. I would have just sucked it up and sat down to re-plot)

It got to the stage over the weekend where I had no choice. I had to jump into the pond and wrestle with the whinging pile of neurons. It was vicious,  (I even got grey matter under my fingernails) but I won. And today we sat down with paper and stick-it notes and started work on a new, more streamlined plot. There’s been a few awkward silences, but I think we’ll be okay.



  1. I’ve been going through nearly the exact same thing! I suddenly realised the story I thought was one book is so big and unwieldy that it actually needs to be three. Figuring out how to make it work has been tough. My brain threw a massive tantrum. But we’re collaborating again now, and the story is starting to come together.

    Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one…

  2. Brains can be so tiresome at times, can’t they Kath! Glad your story is working better now!

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