Posted by: Trudie Trewin | December 31, 2009

Time management in 2010

Well, that’s just about it for 2009 – time to start planning how to spend the 31,536,000 seconds of 2010.

For a start, I guess roughly 10,500,000 will be spent sleeping. 2,600,000 chewed up buying, preparing and eating food. 1,300,000 burned up by exercise (hmm, only half the time allocated for food,  uh-oh!).  2,750,000 written off doing bookwork etc for husband’s business. 1,000,000 driven away taking kids to and from school, social,  sports and arts pursuits. 700,000 washed away  showering and dressing. 1,300,000 deleted for e-jobs, like reading and sending emails, banking and general surfing. 1,300,000 absorbed by reading – books, newspapers, school notes, magazines and reminder lists. Another 2,000,000 transmitted away watching TV, movies and replays of our Disneyland holiday video. 500,000 wrung out by refereeing offspring disagreements and homework disputes. 600,000 lapped up by dogs, cat, bird and fish duties. 60,000 weeded out by gardening.

That brings me to 6,926,000 seconds left – and lots of un-noticed time spenders. Conversation (kids, husband, girlfriends, myself, and stupid voice recordings on phone help lines) –  1,000,000. Jumping in and out of the pool to cool off – 250,000. Finding things I’ve lost – 250,000. Looking for something good to eat in the pantry – 500,000.  Whinging that there’s nothing good to eat in the pantry – 250,000. Whinging about stuff in general – 250,000. Back-tracking to try and remember why I went into a particular room in the first place – 250,000. Pondering the benefits of starting some form of yoga – 150,000.

I’m aiming to use 4,000,000 for writing and writing related stuff (including day dreaming). So that leaves me with 26,000 seconds for housework, which works out to about 8 minutes a week – a bit more than I did last year, but if I sweep a bit slower I should be able to make it!

Happy New Year!


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