Posted by: Trudie Trewin | November 30, 2009


It’s nearly there… just a few more days, then… Yay! School Holidays! No more packing lunches, no more washing uniforms, no more homework arguments, and no more living by the clock. At least for seven weeks anyway.

Inspired by the long-awaited holidays, and Dorothea Mackellar – I’ve penned this Ode to an Empty Classroom:

I love an empty classroom,
A room of stacked-up chairs,
Of vacant shelves and cupboards,
Of no more cranky glares,
I love the lined-up desks,
All clean and paper-free,
The stillness and the silence,
The summer break for me!


Happy holidays!



  1. Nice one Trudie! Bring on the holidays

  2. Aww Trudie how true. Not only the kids – my teacher friends will love it!

  3. Enjoyed your poem, Trudie – and I totally agree with you – unfortunately, our holidays haven’t started yet.


  4. Gotta love the school hols! Cute poem, Trudie. Dorothea would be impressed!

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