Posted by: Trudie Trewin | November 18, 2009

A confession…

If you’ve read my dot points page, you would know that I accused my fish of needing to toughen up. I bragged about how I successfully kept a husband, kids, budgie, beagles, cat and 3000 worms alive and healthy…. well, I have a confession to make.

For a while now, I’ve suspected that my tally of worms in the worm farm has been on the decline. Scraps taking longer to be eaten, very little worm wee in the bucket… and less and less wormy  burrowing when I opened the lid. So yesterday, Son2 and I conducted a thorough examination of the lower levels of the worm farm, and found… one worm. And frankly, I don’t hold out much hope for him either, as he was looking a tad peakish.

I voiced my suspicions to Son2 that I had been given 3000 worms all in their twighlight years, and they had all just died peacefully of old age. He voiced his suspicions that I had already used that excuse on several batches of fish. And then he pointed out that I’m not much chop looking after indoor plants either.

The conclusion was staring me in the face. Sadly, in my house, unless you can make some noise to draw attention to yourself, you are likely to… oh okay… almost certain to, wither and perish.

‘For God’s sake, boys,’ said my husband. ‘Look after your voices, don’t ever get larangitis!’



  1. This made me laugh, Trudie! I can relate so very, very much, although we have managed to keep a goldfish for 18 months now…but I should confess he spends most of his life lying on the bottom of his bowl and looking very sad. He was fine until we got him a friend, and the said friend attacked him and ate all his fins 😦 Friend was removed, but poor little Gus has never recovered. I do wonder if I should just flush him and put him out of his misery, but then he’ll perk up and swim upside down around for a while…

    And plants don’t survive long around me either. I figure I look after all the humans in the house and as long as they’re alive and kicking, I can’t be doing too badly!!

  2. I guess one way of looking at it would be that you have helped them along to their next incarnation, perhaps elevated their destiny to grasshopper or that amazing survivor, cockroach!

    Made me laugh too!

    • Lol! Thanks Susan, I feel a bit better looking at it like that! Maybe I should actually try keeping cockroaches – surely I couldn’t kill them… but then again, that’s what everyone said about guppies too.
      Karen – 18mths of keeping a goldfish alive, you rock! My first batch didn’t even last 18 hrs!!

  3. Whatever you do, don’t give your guppies (or goldfish) a treat in the sun. Guppies in a jar take mere moments to heat… Okay, okay… so I forgot, and it was longer than moments. But it was in the freezing cold city of Toowoomba – you’d think a day in the sun would be a good thing…

    And to do it twice… Well – you can see that I have the best intentions at heart.

    I like to think I am older and wiser now.

  4. PS That worm scenario is alarming. I have myself just this week commented about the decreasing population in our can of worms. I had convinced myself it was because the were in the middle of the chambers, as opposed to top and bottom.

    Now I’m afraid to dig deeper…

    • Yes, our worms were Can of Worms too! Hmmm, there’s something fishy going on….

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