Posted by: Trudie Trewin | November 11, 2009

Here’s cheers

champagne_toast-268x300To everyone who wrote, emailed, phoned, blogged, protested, campaigned, signed petitions, lobbied,  informed, and spoke out against the push to remove PIR’s – thank you and cheers! It was all worth it.

And an extra big thankyou to Sheryl Gwyther and Dee White, who ran the Saving Aussie Books site, and put aside so much of their own work to get the debate heard out in the wider community. Put your feet up ladies, and pour another glass!



  1. Hi Trudie,

    Now I have discovered you! I love your blog and your dot points are fantastic.

    Yes – a big hooray at last. Let’s hope that’s enough of all the nonsense. Dee and Sheryl have been awesome. And so many others who fought tooth and nail. Things are finally as they should be. And that’s something to toast.

  2. Thanks Lynn. The dot points were fun to write, and bought back some great memories – except for that calf muscles comment!

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