Posted by: Trudie Trewin | November 6, 2009

Excuse me, driver… have you been thinking?

Confession time – I am a serial think-driver. But I bet I’m not alone. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The usual scenario… hop in the car. Turn on the radio. Head off on a routine trip (to pick up the boys, shopping centre, wherever).  La la la, oh that’s right, I need to get a birthday card for Dad – hang on! It would work better if my main character’s father lived overseas instead of being dead. Yeah, then her mother could see an email…or letter… or overhear something on Skype – hmm, can you get crossed lines on a Skype conversation? That would be a perfect way for her to find out…. Mother of God! Where am I?

Somewhere along the way a solution to a plot problem, or a twist to the ending of a WIP, or a shiny new idea distracts me and I sail straight past my intended destination. Heaven help me if I ever get a Harry Potter sized idea one day – I’ll drive straight through to Brisbane !

My boys are quite used to it,  ‘Err, Mum, aren’t we supposed to be going to school?’ Actually no, that’s the one time they don’t make fun of me. It’s only their desperate silence as they try not to disturb my thoughts that alerts me to a think-driving episode on the way too school!

Luckily, during my think-driving episodes I am still aware of road rules and other cars, but I’m going to be in trouble if they ever invent a thoughtalyser.

‘Excuse me Madam, but have you been thinking today?’

‘Sorry Officer – It was just meant to be one little thought, but well, it lead to another, then another…

‘Step out of the car please, Madam, and blow into this. We have reason to believe you’re thunk.’


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