Posted by: Trudie Trewin | November 2, 2009

Party promises

‘No I am not going to build a scary bat cave, cook up mountains of gross food and invite hordes of boys around here for a Halloween Party – it’s Tuesday night and you’ve got homework to do.’  Whine, plead, groan, ‘You’re such a boring Mum.’ Whine, plead, groan. ‘Listen – when Halloween falls on a Saturday, I promise we’ll have a party with a bat cave and gross food and scary boys… I mean your friends.’

So went a conversation in our kitchen several years ago. Argument settled. Homework done. All forgotten. But not by our boys – boys don’t forget promises like that.

Which is why on Saturday (while hubby conveniently played cricket all day) I risked being blown away in a gale trying to hang many lengths of black material  from our front patio and pin them all together to make a bat cave. For hours I dangled from the ladder, snatching material back off the roof only to have the blustery wind immediately rip it out of my hands again, or wrap it around my head  –  because boys don’t forget promises like that.

Then I hung cobwebs and ghosts and ghouls and bats all over the place and headed into the kitchen to put the finishing touches to the guts sandwiches, 2000 year-old little mummies, brain jelly with snot custard and witches fingers dipped in blood – because boys don’t forget promises like that.

And just as the cauldron of lollies was placed in the bat cave and the CD of spooky sounds started up, each of the boys’ invited friends arrived. The bat cave echoed with screams and laughter, and 15 or 16 boys ate, drank, trick or treated, and generally ran amok. I finished picking up, packing up, sweeping and mopping at just after midnight. But I was smiling – because boys don’t forget parties like that!

(Which is just as well, because I will certainly remember not to make any more promises like that!)

The best bit…. serving up the kitty litter cake

kitty litter cakeTruly the grossest cake I’ve ever made! Although if you closed your eyes it actually tasted pretty good!



  1. Trudie – the kitty litter cake looks grotesque, and the guts sandwiches sound… gutsy.
    Now I want to know which brilliant but twisted mind thought up the idea of a kitty litter cake???
    Next time Halloween falls on a Saturday, I’ll jump on a plane and come visit – with my kids in tow.

  2. Oh my hat Trudie

    That has to be the most disgusting thing about!

    Your boys must be soooo proud of their mum!

    Good on you!

    Bye 4 now
    PS My son #1 said: yum yum kitty poop…..(its a boy thing I am sure…)

  3. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen, Trudie. I laughed sooo hard! I will never forget the Kitty Litter Cake. Thank you for sharing:)


  4. Yeah, hard to imagine that somewhere, someone was emptying a litter tray and thought…. hey, why don’t I make a cake that looks like this. Hmm.

  5. I love the kitty litter cake!!!! Awesome!!!
    I love the colour too! It’s snotty! LOL.

  6. Trudie, by the sounds of that bat cave and the looks of that cake, your boys can officially never again say you’re a boring mum 🙂 In fact, I doubt that as a mum of boys your life is ever boring!

    I know who I’m coming to when it’s my time to throw a halloween party…

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