Posted by: Trudie Trewin | October 29, 2009

Workshop surprises

The Trinity Bay High School hold a writing festival each year, and this year’s festival had an Asian theme. Now,  I’ve never written anything with an Asian flavour, I’m not Asian, and I’ve never even been to Asia, so I was a bit surprised when I was contacted by the organiser on Tuesday afternoon. As it turns out, one of the authors they had booked from Melbourne had come down with the flu and wasn’t able to make it, so they needed another author pronto!

I couldn’t do yesterday’s sessions because the teachers at my sons’ school were striking (as in not working, rather than striking as in extraordinarily good looking!), but I was able to do two sessions today.  I hastily planned a workshop and started to worry. I had one session with Year 6&7’s, and one with Year 8&9’s – I’d never done a workshop with high school kids and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Even though there’s only one year’s difference between primary school year 7 and high school year 8, it seems much more at times.  To be honest, high school students scare me a bit!

But I needn’t have worried, they weren’t too scary after all! They were enthusiastic and eager – but they were definitely chattier than any of the primary school classes I had done workshops for, and once or twice I lost out to the many animated voices competing with mine. (aww, poor me!)

But then when I was finishing up one of the boys asked if I would read ‘I’ve Lost My Kisses’ to them. ‘Come off it,’ I scoffed, thinking he was joking around. ‘It was written for four-year-olds!’ But they kept asking, so I opened it up and began to read.  And for five minutes I had their undivided attention – not a single competing voice!  And applause at the end. It made my day, thank you Trinity Bay year 8’s and 9’s!





  1. Well done to you! Sometimes it’s good not to have too much time before diving into a new experience. Great that it went so well.

  2. Thanks Claire. Very true – if they’d asked me a week earlier I would have had time to come up with any number of excuses why I couldn’t do the high school kids!

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