Posted by: Trudie Trewin | October 15, 2009

If manuscripts were people…

…then perhaps they might age something like this:

Childhood – full of questions, ‘Why, Mum? Who’s that? Where are we? When can I…?

Teenagers – charging off in different directions, trying on different personas, bullet-proof and full of confidence one minute, insecure and hesitant the next.

Twenty-somethings – fun, everything’s coming together – direction narrowed down, but still open to new ideas. The world is there for the taking.

Thirties and Forties – settled, focussed, confident and mature enough to take some hits without falling in a heap, but there’s a danger of predictability slipping in.

Pre-retirement – concentrating on building for retirement, worries if enough has been done. Takes stock and adds sparkle and surprises where possible. Excitement building about the last day.

Post-retirement – Yay! The hard work is done, all that’s left is tinkering around, then sitting back with a glass of wine. Oh – and remember to post.

(PS At this stage it’s very important to have faith in the afterlife!)



  1. Ha ha! Brilliant analogy. Maybe the afterlife is once the ms has been published: all you can do is sit back and watch because you’ve done everything you can, and there’s no going back!

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