Posted by: Trudie Trewin | October 2, 2009

Stuff, and dedications

Stuff. I love the word stuff. It sounds full, and mysterious. You can spend your day doing hundreds of unrelated tasks – then when someone asks what you’ve been up to, you can sum everything up with a shrug and one simple word – stuff. Full, and mysterious.

It’s also very non-specific, which is perfect for someone who doesn’t know exactly what to blog about. So now when someone asks me what my blog is about, I’ll just shrug and say – stuff. (Yep, the belly-flop option!)

So now that my blog topic is out of the way, lets get going….

The other thing I’ve been thinking about this week is book dedications. Those few words on one of the first pages that tell us… what? Who the author was particularly fond of when they wrote the book? Who inspired them? Who nurtured them, or their writing?

I like the ones that make me smile, like the one in Toby Jones and the Timeless Cricket Match, by Michael Panckridge and Brett Lee…

“To the dog with the ball, the ball with the slobber, and to every kid who takes that sticky ball, and runs in to bowl again…”

Or the ones that make me wonder, like Dean Koontz’s in Life Expectancy…

“To Laura Albano, who has such a good heart. Strange brain, but good heart.”

I read about one writer who used his dedication to propose to his girlfriend! I don’t know the outcome….. I wonder if she was a writer too, and made him wait until her next book came out, with the answer in her dedication!

Most dedications aren’t quite so dramatic, with many writers opting for a simple ‘For ……, with love’. And why not? It’s heartfelt and to the point, and let’s face it, not everyone wants it blabbed to the world that they have a ‘strange brain’ (I hope Dean Koontz ran that dedication past Laura Albano, before sending it in to his editor)

Which brings me back to why I started thinking about dedications. All because it’s time for me to send in my dedication for my newest picture book, Wibbly Wobbly Street. I, like many authors I would guess, have a mental list/order of who to dedicate my books to, children, partner, parents, siblings etc. Since I’ve Lost My Kisses was dedicated to my children, it’s my hubby’s turn for a dedication. And since I tied my children’s dedication to the book’s title by dedicating it to ‘the best kissers in the world’, I thought I might do it again for my husband’s dedication.

How about… For my husband, Wibbly Wobbly Warren? I asked.

That would make me your ex-husband He growled, giving me a decidedly un-wibbly wobbly glare.

Sigh… back to ‘For Warren, with love.’


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